Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Sue Stine Rife Senior Associate Director of Admissions (419)-448-2097
Kyle Stover Assistant Director of Athletic Marketing & Information (419)-448-2121
Nancy Stover Field Supervisor in Education
Bruce Stull Custodial Lead (419)-448-2391
Justin Suddeth Graduate Assistant - Football, Defensive Backs 419-448-2382
Jena Suffel
Athletic Trainer
Instructor of AT
Clinical Coverage for : Volleyball, Cross Country, Women's Basketball & Softball
Jing Sun Visiting Chinese Professor
Heather Surface
Adjunct Lecturer, Communication
Advisor for the Kilikilik
Cynthia Suter Registrar (419)-448-2090
Robert Swanson
Associate Dean and Director of the School of Education
Professor of Education
Kelsey Swavel Admissions Counselor (419)-448-2498
Keith Theis Baseball Assistant Coach
Angela Thomas Adjunct Professor of Education
Christine Thorn Custodian
Dale Thornton Adjunct Faculty of Business 419-448-2901
Jennifer Thornton Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Anthropology
Kayela Tidrick Director of Wellness and Healthy Living (419)-448-2594
Elizabeth Tracy Graduate Assistant
Chris Tucci
Associate Professor of Theatre
Director of Theatre
Allen Underwood
Director Graduate Studies in Business
Director Heidelberg Business Institute
Michele Upton Administrative Assistant 419-448-2280
Steven Velasquez Professor of Physics (419)-448-2352
Monica Verhoff Executive Assistant to the President & Board of Trustees (419)-448-2202
Ruth Wahlstrom Professor of English (419)-448-2100
Mac Wallace Graduate Assistant - Football, Offensive Line 419-448-2949