Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Kent Cartwright Associate Director of Information Technology for Computer Operations (419)-448-2365
Lynne Cartwright Adjunct Instructor of Education (419)-448-2089
Susan Carty Professor Emerita of Biology (1988-2013) (419)-448-2044
Melvin Casler Professor Emeritus of Mathematics (419)-447-5919
Michele Castleman Assistant Professor of Education (419)-448-2129
Charity Henderson Adjunct Faculty (419)-448-2118
Angela Chidester Instructor of Biology (734)-474-0082
Robert Chidester Adjunct Instructor of Anthropology
Gary Clagg
Renee Clair Adjunct Instructor of Music 419-448-2153
Daniel Clark Assistant Prof of Chorus & Music Education (419)-448-2084
Daryl Close Professor of Computer Science and Philosophy (419)-448-2281
Douglas Collar
Associate Professor of English & Integrated Studies
Associate Dean of the Honors Program
Remegio Confesor Research Scientist (419)-448-2204
Cristy Cook Accounts Payable Clerk (419)-448-2624
John Cook
Associate Professor of Finance
Associate Professor of Accounting
Melissa Cook Senior Assistant Director of Admissions (419)-448-2095
Greg Covert
Mike Coyne Football Assistant Coach, Wide Receivers (419)-448-2189
Cinzia Cross Associate Director for International and Graduate Admissions (419)-448-2335
Matt Cross Graduate Assistant - Wrestling (419)-448-2605
Nathan Cutietta Director of the Media Communication Center (419)-448-2005
Jennifer Damm Adjunct Professor of Counseling (419)-448-2288
Ashlee Decker Adjunct Faculty (419)-448-2599
Nicole DeFere
International Programs Graduate Intern
Residence Coordinator for France Hall