Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Hayley Fuhrer Serials and Aquisitions Supervisor (419)-448-2098
Barb Gabel Business Officer (419)-448-2183
Ioana Galu Adjunct Assistant Professor of Violin (419)-448-2081
Jeff Garvin Director of Athletic Marketing and Information (419)-448-2140
Peggy George Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs (419)-448-2062
Linda Gettys Administrative Assistant for Aramark Food Service (419)-448-2102
James Getz Professor of Graduate Education (419)-447-9619
Leah Gibson Graduate Assistant - Women's Basketball (419)-448-2939
Sara Gilbert Campus Visit and Events Coordinator (419)-448-2344
Angie Giles Director of News & Media Relations (419)-448-2168
Margaret Gillikin Adjunct Instructor of History
Rebecca Gosche Assistant Director of Stoner Health Center (419)-448-2041
Blake Grangaard Professor of Religion (419)-448-2051
William Grasman Professor of Mathematics (419)-448-2023
Julie Green Assistant Professor of Special Education 419-448-2128
Virginia Gregg Professor of Psychology (419)-448-2219
Matthew Grieves Assistant Coach for Football
Brian Grime Track & Field and Cross Country Assistant Coach
Mark Grine Adjunct Professor of Graduate Education
Betsy Hada
Softball Head Coach
Instructor of Human Performance And Sports Studies
Joe Hada Wrestling Assistant Coach (419)-448-2380
Brian Haley
Professor of Education & History
Men's Soccer Head Coach
Patricia Haley Adjunct Instructor of Education
Mike Hallett
Football Head Coach
Associate Athletic Director
Instructor of Human Performance And Sports Studies
Samantha Hamilton Admissions Counselor (419)-448-2343