Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Anne Fry Adjunct Instructor of Education
Cory Fry HUAC Technician
Hayley Fuhrer Serials and Acquisitions Supervisor (419)-448-2098
Barb Gabel Business Officer (419)-448-2183
Ioana Galu Adjunct Assistant Professor of Violin (419)-448-2081
Jeff Garvin Director of Athletic Marketing and Information (419)-448-2140
Andrew Gase Athletic Team Physician
Peggy George Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs (419)-448-2062
Linda Gettys Administrative Assistant for Aramark Food Service (419)-448-2102
James Getz Professor of Graduate Education (419)-447-9619
Sara Gilbert Campus Visit and Events Coordinator (419)-448-2344
Angie Giles Director of News & Media Relations (419)-448-2168
Margaret Gillikin Adjunct Instructor of History
Rebecca Gosche Assistant Director of Stoner Health Center (419)-448-2041
Blake Grangaard Professor of Religion (419)-448-2051
William Grasman Professor of Mathematics (419)-448-2023
Julie Green Assistant Professor of Special Education 419-448-2128
Nick Green Graduate Assistant - Track & Field (419)-448-2586
Virginia Gregg Professor of Psychology (419)-448-2219
Matthew Grieves Assistant Coach - Football (419)-448-2142
Mark Grine Adjunct Professor of Graduate Education
Alex Grove Graduate Assistant - Baseball (419)-448-2245
Betsy Hada
Softball Head Coach
Instructor of Human Performance And Sports Studies
Brian Haley Professor of Education & History (419)-448-2119
Samantha Hamilton Admissions Counselor (419)-448-2343