Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Karen Jones Assistant Professor of Education, Middle and Secondary School (419)-448-2130
Sean Joyce
Director of Information Technology
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Chairperson, Department of Computer Science
Beth Kagy Associate Director of Financial Aid (419)-448-2293
Lindsay Kagy Administrative Assistant (419)-448-2207
Laurie Kaltenmeier
Residence Coordinator for Brown Hall
Graduate Intern for Civic Engagement
Krista Kantner
Administrative Assistant for Social Sciences and Graduate Studies in Counseling
Cheerleading Head Coach
Florian Kastner Teaching Assistant - German
Jane Kelbley Custodial Supervisor (419)-448-2391
Wendy Kelbley Administrative Assistant (419)-448-2197
Doug Kellar Vice President for Enrollment Management (419)-448-2340
Cathy Kessler Administrative Assistant, Loan Specialist (419)-448-2293
David Kimmel Professor of English (419)-448-2049
Nancy King Administrative Assistant to the VPAA and Provost (419)-448-2216
Regina Kipps Custodian (419)-448-2391
Larry Kisabeth Adjunct Professor of Math (419)-448-2197
Mike Kleinfelter Plumber (419)-448-2391
Mary Lou Kohne Assistant Professor of Marketing (419)-448-2862
Martin Koop
Adjunct Instructor of Political Science
Adjunct Instructor of Business
Margo Kraft Associate Professor of Business Administration (419)-448-2269
Jack Kramer Laboratory Manager, Emeritus (419)-448-2373
Scott Kretzer Adjunct Professor of Music
Kenneth Krieger
Professor of Biology
Director – NCWQR
Steven Kruse Adjunct Instructor of Viola (419)-448-2073
Jan Kucera Adjunct Professor of Counseling (419)-448-2288
Renee M Lacy Disabilities Coordinator 419-448-2898