Campus Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Christine Maiberger Instructor of German (419)-448-2113
Omar Malik Associate Professor (419)-448-2221
Geoffrey Mamerow Director of Assessment and Institutional and Market Research 419-448-2601
David Mankin Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Linda Mapus
Administrative Assistant in Financial Aid
Database Support for the Office of Admissions
Will Marshall IT Systems Administrator (419)-448-2354
Ron Martin
Men's and Women's Cross Country Head Coach
Track & Field Assistant Coach
Peter Martini Assistant Professor
Aly Matejka Instructor of Athletic Training 419-448-2514
Susan McCafferty
Adjunct Professor Honors Program
Pre-Law Advisor
Douglas McConnell
Director of Music Technology and Programs
Professor of Theory & Composition
Joan McConnell Adjunct Instructor of Organ and Music Theory (419)-448-2277
Kathy McCool Bus Driver
Katherine M. McCrystal Director of The Heidelberg Fund and Student &Young Alumni Philanthropy (419)-448-2486
Jerry McDonald
Assistant Professor of Human Performance And Sports Studies
Men's and Women's Tennis Head Coach
Stephanie McGuire Wise Adjunct Professor of Counseling
Mark McKee Director of Career Development & Placement 419-448-2194
Patrick McLeod Adjunct Faculty of Business 419-448-2626
Trisha Meier Admissions Counselor 419-448-2341
Harry Melroy Adjunct Instructor of Art
Barbara Merryfield Research Assistant (419)-448-2199
Ginny Mesnard Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Enrollment (419)-448-2340
Robert Metry Graduate Assistant - Men's Basketball (419)-448-2590
Melvin Meyers Groundskeeper (419)-448-2391
Mary Milazzo Information Specialist (419)-448-2257