phisRecruitment of new members occurs during the fall semester. Each organization strives to promote its unique qualities and characteristics through events. Students have the opportunity to participate in Greek-sponsored events and programs. Greek Open Houses, Rotationals, Smokers and Teas will give you the chance to tour the Greek Halls, learn more about the fraternities and societies, and see what each group has to offer.

Throughout this process you have the opportunity to discover, explore and determine where and how you fit. Your decision to Go Greek will impact the rest of your years at Heidelberg and after you graduate. Keep an open mind during the recruitment period.

If you are interested in going through the Spring 2014 new member education process, please complete the PNM interest form on BergLink at:  You must log into BergLink to sign up.  Only students who meet eligibility for New Member Education will be approved to participate.  Information on eligibility can be found here.

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Greek Vocabulary

  • Active: An initiated member of a Greek organization
  • Alumni: An organization member who has graduated
  • Bid Card: An official, written invitation to join an organization
  • Initiation: A formal ceremony in which a person becomes an active member of the group
  • New Member: A person who has accepted the written bid of a fraternity/society and has gone through the ceremony, but has yet to be initiated
  • New Member Class: All New Members of a fraternity/society for that year
  • Rotationals: A rush function where groups rotate through each fraternity/ society hall
  • Teas: An opportunity for each recruit to closely interact with the society/-ies of her choice
  • Preference Parties: Final stage of Recruitment before bids; last chance to interact with the societies before making your decision
  • New Member Education: The process of teaching the society’s traditions and values to their new members.