ApsAlpha Phi Tau "Aps"

  • Founded: 1921
  • Colors: Maroon and Gold
  • Motto: Labor Omnia Vincit "work conquers all"
  • Community Service: Habitat for Humanity, HIV/AIDS Awareness Banquet, Highway Cleanup

Alpha Phi Tau Men's Fraternity has served as a force for reform and advancement on Heidelberg's campus. Through community service events such as the annual HIV/AIDS awareness banquet and the 24 hour walk for Habitat for Humanity, Alpha Phi Tau Men's Fraternity continues to improve the social standards of Heidelberg University. Through the Native American Heritage that serves as a foundation for our fraternity we ensure that diversity in the cultural heritage of Heidelberg University remains strong. Alpha Phi Tau Alumni remain in contact with the active membership and offer networking opportunities ranging from potential internships to helping those who graduate establish themselves upon entering the labor force. Lastly, through the development of those who join, Alpha Phi Tau Men's Fraternity prepares those who graduate to be leaders in their fields of study and offers opportunities to improve in all areas ranging from communication skills to effective team building techniques. 

Excelsior Men's Society “EXs”                                                             

  • Founded: 1851
  • Colors: Green and Red
  • Motto: Ever Upward
  • Community Service: Animal Jam, Highway Cleanup

For the past 162 years Excelsior Men's society has been a staple on Heidelberg's Campus. Founded in the same calendar year as the university, Excelsior is the one of the oldest society's still in activity in the United States. The main focus of this society has and always will be brotherhood and the great bonds and loyalty that the men have with one another. The current group of men is by far one of the most diverse groups on campus, having members from all different walks of life. Want to know more? Feel free anytime to walk up to one of us "guys in the red and green" too talk or learn more about Excelsior. Excelsior, moving Ever Upward since 1851.

HeidsNu Sigma Alpha "Heids"

  • Founded: 1859 
  • Colors: Purple and Gray
  • Motto: Victory Crowns the Brave
  • Community Service: Caring Makes Cents (for cancer patients at the Cleveland Clinic), Running for the Kids

Nu Sigma Alpha is the second oldest Fraternity on campus and the first to adopt Greek Letters. Before the adoption of the letters NEA we where know as the Heidelberg Literary Society, hence the nickname The Heids. The slogan for our organization is “Unity Through Diversity.” The men of Nu Sigma Alpha focus on five main objectives in order to be the become the best men possible. These objectives are athletic participation, social awareness, academic achievement, social activities, and fraternal brotherhood. Through these goals we look to not only help nurture and grow individuals during their experience at Heidelberg University, but also to create great men and leaders for their lives outside of the university.

Rho's Rho Eta Delta "Rhos"

  • Founded: 2007
  • Colors: Royal Blue and Orange
  • Motto: Character Connects Us All
  • Community Service: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hedges-Boyer Park Cleanup

Rho Eta Delta is a men’s social fraternity that strives for academic excellence in the classroom, encouraging diversity and establishing relationships in the Heidelberg/Tiffin community through community service. Members of Rho Eta Delta seek to build quality men through dedicated work to and in the fraternity, the individual, the campus, the community, and the classroom; to instill values of leadership, integrity, character, dedication, and respect; and to instill virtues of Pride, Honor, and Dignity. Living up to this creed, the men of Rho Eta Delta remain extremely active in numerous organizations after becoming initiated into the fraternity. These groups range from political and religious groups to academic honoraries and athletics to special interest groups and communications/music organizations. This dedication to the campus and community is superseded by only one belief: no matter what, "Character connects us all."

SigsSigma Tau Nu "Sigs"

  • Founded: 1949
  • Colors: Navy Blue and Gold
  • Motto: Nulli Secundus "second to none"
  • Community Service: Elmwood Assisted Living Center, the Seneca House, Humane Society, Rock-A-Thon

Sigma Tau Nu fraternity was Heidelberg’s first social fraternity. The Sigs have sought to build a group of men with backbone and strong initiative who will uphold and strengthen the traditions and standards of the university. This goal is apparent through the many different leadership roles the Sigs have assumed in Student Senate, Greek Council, The Kilikilik, Berg Events Council, athletic teams, and countless more organizations. Within our group, bonds are created that can never be broken. Each member believes in the strong vows he has taken and the real brotherhood that has developed throughout his time at Heidelberg. A new member knows he has become a Sig as a result of the personal growth he has developed within the fraternity—acquiring the skills to be brave, self-reliant and ever striving to better himself.The Sigs take pride in giving back to the community; we work with individuals from the Elmwood Assisted Living Center, the Seneca House, and the Humane Society. Also, every fall we perform a Rock-A-Thon at local businesses in the Tiffin community in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society, and in the spring we host a dodgeball tournament for the Alzheimer’s Association. The Sigs can only exist when they are the best in everything they do, with a willingness and determination to always guide the way for all.Our motto is Nulli Secundus, which means “second to none,” a belief that every Sig lives by. Go Greek!