Student Organizations

Heidelberg University is known for its continued encouragement and support for student-led organizations. For more information on current organizations or tips on creating a new student organization, login to BergLink. Berg Link is a central hub for all students to create and find out about opportunities for involvement on and off campus. Each student org, student group, athletic team, and department has (or can have) their own page and URL. BergLink makes recommendations of events to go to and groups to join by matching interests. BergLink keeps track of all the activities, events, community service hours, groups that each student attends in an Involvement Record. This individual record can be accessed at any time by students and campus administrators.

Get Involved! 

If you are looking to join a student organization, there are 2 great opportunities for new and current students to find out more about how to get involved: the Org Showcase and the Involvement Fair.

The Org Showcase (Sunday 8/24 @ 4:30pm in Rickly)

Part of Welcome Week, the Org Showcase is a 30-second, live "commercial" of each group performed by current members for all new students. Each group will take turns performing their commercial to all new students on stage in Rickly Chapel. This is a fun, interactive way for students to learn about the many awesome groups, clubs, organizations, and causes here at the 'Berg!

The Involvement Fair (Sunday 8/24 from 6-8pm on Campus Center Back Lawn)

The Involvement Fair is an easy way to explore many of the exciting things to do and get involved with on campus. Held during Welcome Week each autumn, members of more than 70 HU student organizations, groups, clubs, and causes will be on the Back Lawn of Campus Center to share a little bit about what they do. This is the first and best opportunity for new students to chat and start determining some of the ways to get involved with outside of classes.

If you have futher questions, please contact the Office of Student Engagement at 419.448.2207 or email Andrea Fillipovich, Director of Student Engagement, at

Music Organizations

  • Athletic Band
  • Symphonic Band
  • Chamber Singers
  • College-Community Choir
  • College-Community Orchestra
  • Concert Choir
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Singing Collegians - Show Choir


Special Interest