Siggy’s Student Challenge

Siggy the Student Prince cartoonSiggy's Student Challenge is way for Heidelberg University students to be rewarded for their efforts to become involved; to make the Heidelberg community as more engaging place to live, work, and study; and to take pride in their academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular achievements.

How to participate:

It’s easy! Make sure you carry your HU ID. At programs and events around campus, there will be BergSync scanners. Have your ID scanned at each event to get credit for attendance. The Office of Student Engagement will take care of assigning and keeping track of points.

You also have the option of submitting pictures of yourself or your group who attended the event. In addition, you can bring programs, notes from professionals at the event to use as proof. At each event, program, performance, game, meet, match you are responsible for scanning in to BergSync. If a scanner is unavailable and you would like to receive points for attendance, you will need to submit proof of attendance.

Qualified submissions include:

  • A photograph of you at the event with the event in the background
  • A program or brochure from the event
  • A signed note by the event sponsor confirming your attendance

At the end of the semester, the 3 students with the most number of points accumulated will receive a scholarship. Scholarships can be used for tuition, fees, or books for the following semester at Heidelberg University. Only Heidelberg University students that are registered for the following semester will be eligible to receive a scholarship. Scholarships are not transferrable to another institution and are not renewable. Qualified students can be awarded scholarships multiple semesters.

Scholarship Prizes:

1st = $1000
2nd = $500
3rd = $250

At random events throughout the semester, prizes will be given out on the spot. All students, faculty and staff that have scanned in will be eligible to receive these prizes. Prizes can be won by the same person at different events, but not more than once at one event.

Prizes include:

  • Berg Gear
  • Fuel gift certificates
  • Fireside gift certificates
  • Bookstore gift certificates
  • Local restaurant gift certificates

Personal Development

The personal development category recognizes you for your personal efforts which make you who you are today. These include participation in campus programs and organizations, cultural events, leadership opportunities and student organizations/associations. Make sure you scan in at these events!

Academic Enhancement

(i.e. Chemistry Club, Sigma Iota Rho, etc.)

  • Attending Meeting = 1 point
  • Attending Event, Program or Performance = 2 points

Campus Life

(i.e. floor program, hall program, commuter event, etc.)

  • Attending Meeting = 1 point
  • Attending Event or Program = 2 points

Cultural Perspectives

(i.e. International Affairs and Studies, Multicultural Affairs, etc.)

  • Attending Meeting = 1 point
  • Attending Event or Program = 2 points

Civic Engagement

  • Attending Meeting = 1 point
  • Attending Event or Program = 2 points

Professional Development icon

We want you to get involved in events and activities that will help you now and also in your career. Earn points in the Campus Challenge for all those activities, events, seminars, job fairs, resumes, and other pertinent experiences that you or your group engages in.

Career Services

  • Resumes uploaded to CCN = 3 points
  • Job Fairs = 3 points
  • Meeting with Career Advisor = 3 points
  • Career Workshops = 3 points
  • Conferences/Conventions = 3 points for per day
  • Job Shadowing (Non Paid) = 1 points (Must submit in writing. Minimum 3 hours)

The 'Berg Difference

Heidelberg is a great place for many reasons! One of those reasons is because of the unique programs and events that take place both on and off campus that enhance your student experience. By joining a student group or organization, participating in intramurals, or

Registered Student Organizations:

  • Attending Meeting = 1 point
  • Attending Event or Program = 2 points

Greek Groups:

  • Attending Meeting = 1 point
  • Attending Event or Program = 2 points

Campus Programming:

  • Attending Event or Program = 2 points
  • Homecoming
  • BEC
  • Student Senate
  • IRHC

Distinctly Heidelberg

Throughout the year, the university sponsors several special programs and events. Many of these will qualify for points.

3 points

  • Convocation
  • Patricia Adams Lecture Series
  • Lichtman-Behm Genocide Awareness Week
  • Alcohol Awareness Week
  • Student Research Symposium
  • Committee-sponsored events and programs (i.e. Academic Enhancement Committee’s “Academic Jeopardy,” etc.)

Points will not be given for attendance in class, rehearsal, or practice unless previously arranged with a faculty member.

Students Supporting Students

Being supportive of all our displays of talent is important to our BERG family! When you get out there and support BERG performances and athletic events, you will receive points towards the Campus Challenge. At each performance/game/meet/match you are responsible for scanning in to BergSync. Points will not be given for practices or rehearsals.

  • Students supporting students – participate or spectate = 1 point

Above and Beyond Points

This category is evaluated and points awarded on a case by case basis. If you or someone you know has gone above and beyond, please let us know. It is important to recognize extra initiative, hard work, and good character! Please provide as much support as you can: photographs, flyers, etc.