Infectious Disease Outbreak

First contact: Security
Designated Emergency Response Number: 419-448-2211
Second contact: Stoner Health Center, 419-448-2042

The Health Center will most likely already be involved in the assessment and management of an infectious disease outbreak from the beginning. If not, contact the Director of Health Counseling Services at the number above.

  1. Health Center personnel will call the Seneca County Health Department.
  2. In cooperation with local officials, the Health Center staff will help manage the outbreak using the guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of Ohio Department of Health.
  3. If the situation requires emergency medical care follow emergency procedures by calling 9-911 to provide immediate health care.
  4. The Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment and the Director of Health and Counseling Services will be in communication, and the Vice President will notify the Emergency Operations Team if appropriate.