New Students Health Requirements and Forms

As you begin your college experience, there are several health requirements that must be completed before you move on to campus and/or begin classes.

New Students

April 1, 2016: We are currently transitioning to electronic medical records to better serve you. Instruction on how to provide medical information will be provided at a later date.

All students (residential students and commuters) must complete health information in order to begin classes and/or be issued a room key card.

All forms should be sent directly to Stoner Health Center; please do not send forms to admission counselors, coaches, etc. Send copies only; please do not send originals. Completed forms must be received before you are permitted to attend class, participate in athletics, or move into the residence halls. Please note that there is a 2-week processing period for all health forms.

Questions for Stoner Health Center call 419.448.2041

New Student-Athletes

All Student-Athletes are required to complete the New Student medical forms along with the Athlete Forms. The Athlete Forms are accessible via an online student portal in which they are to be completed electronically.

The Heidelberg University Athletics department requires mandatory on-campus physicals for all student-athletes. Student-athletes will be examined by our doctors so that they can receive the best medical attention available, should they be injured in competition. Athletes will be notified of these August dates by their coaches once the dates have been established. All Athlete Forms MUST be completed prior to receiving your on-campus pre-participation physical exam.

Student Portal Access

  • Communicated via personal BergApps Email account by July 6
  • Email subject will read: Heidelberg University Athlete Forms - Student’s Last Name, First Name
    • If you have not recieved an email from Athletic Training staff by July 6, you should contact your coach to ensure you are listed on the current roster.

Email will contain:

  • Randomly generated userID and password for login (can be changed by student once accessed)
  • Detailed instructions for Form completion
  • Access Link for Portal Login:

To Be Completed in Portal

All of the below information is accessed via the tabs at the top of the Student-Athlete Portal once you are logged in and enter. Please use Internet Explorer if possible as this server engine is the most effective when working with this software. Be sure to turn off all pop-up blockers for the computer before beginning the process. The software uses pop-up windows to complete certain sections of the paperwork. You will not be able to complete all required sections with pop-up blocker enabled!

  • “General” Information Section - Complete as many sections as possible, the required fields are highlighted in yellow and absolutely must be completed. If there are any individual medical alerts or medications that the Sports Medicine team should be aware of, be sure to list them at the bottom.
  • “Insurance” Tab - This tab works off of a pop-up
    • Note: a .jpeg image upload of current insurance card must be attached; front and back of card is required.
    • Click the “Add” tab near the top of the section once you are under the “Insurance” tab. (You may click this link to see a screenshot of where to find the “Add” tab.) Once you click the “Add” tab, pop-up should initiate and allow you to then complete this section. Please be sure to add a jpeg image of you insurance card both front and back to fully complete this section.
  • Emergency “Contact” Tab - This tab works off of a pop-up
  • “Athlete Forms” Tab
    Each of these forms are accessible once under the “Forms” tab. Simple click the “Form Name:” drop-down menu and select which form you would like to complete, then click “New” next to the “Form Name” drop-down. That form will then open for completion. Once completed, select a new form under the drop-down menu. Complete All Three! Each of these must be completed and saved for you to be eligible to have a Pre-Participation Physical on-campus and participate in Athletics!
    • Past Medical History Form - Please complete all pages of this form, this is a 5 page document. Sign and Save once the document is complete! (instructions)
    • Acceptance of Risk Medical Authorization Form (instructions)
    • Sickle Cell Trait Reporting Form (instructions)

Questions for Student-Athlete forms:

phone: 419.448.2519