Health Services

Dr. L.D. Stoner Health & Counseling Center

The Dr. L.D. Stoner Health & Counseling Center is located in Room 141 in the lower level of the Campus Center Building. The Health & Counseling Center provides accessible, caring confidential, high-quality health services to its student population. The Center strives to improve the well-being of the campus community and its environment by contributing to the optimal development of the individual. Its focus guides students to a realization of their potential by maintaining or restoring physical and emotional health and well-being though medical, education and counseling services. The staff empowers students to become knowledgeable health care consumers and assists them in making positive lifestyle choices while striving to protect the students’ personal rights and interests.


Stoner Health Center is located in the Campus Center-Room 141. The Health Center provides the Heidelberg University full-time traditional and commuters students with a modern clinical facility and small pharmaceutical dispensary.

Hours of Operation:

The Health Center is open Monday through Friday during Fall and Spring semesters when classes are in session. Hours of operation are 7:15 A.M. – 3:15 P.M.

Doctor Clinic Services:

The Health Center provides a physician clinic each morning at 7:15 A.M. when classes are in session. Two local internal medicine physicians share doctor responsibilities for the clinic and are contracted by the University. No physician charges are billed to you. Any office visit at the Health Center is FREE of charge. Services are available to you regardless of your health insurance plan and no insurances will be billed for health center services. If you wish to see a physician, you must register at the Health Center in person between 7:15 A.M. and 8:00 A.M. No clinic appointment is necessary and walk-ins are welcome.

Nursing Services:

Nursing personnel provide services to Heidelberg students during the remainder of each clinic day. Services such as illness, athletic and injury care are available. Vaccinations including Hepatitis B, menactra, and Tetanus diphtheria (Td/TDaP) boosters are provided for a nominal fee. Tuberculin (TB Mantoux) testing can be administered upon request.

Emergency Room Services:

Students are encouraged to use the Stoner Health Center during the hours of Health Center operation since non-emergency ER visits are often not covered by health insurance companies. If emergency services are needed when the Health Center is closed, the nearest emergency facility is located at Mercy Hospital of Tiffin (US 224, St. Lawrence Drive - Tiffin-Fostoria Rd.) in Tiffin, Ohio approximately two miles from the Heidelberg campus. Emergency services are available at Mercy Hospital 24 hours/day, seven days/week.

Pharmaceutical Services:

A small formulary for prescription medications, tuberculin skin tests and immunizations are available. In stock over-the-counter drugs are charged to the student’s account. Insurance or drug cards are not used at the Health Center. Non-formulary prescriptions may be filled at a local pharmacy.

Masage Therapy:

April Crone provides massage therapy services for current Heidelberg students, faculty, staff, and their spouse/partner. April Crone, Licensed Massage Therapist, trained in Swedish massage, pregnancy massage, trigger point, and deep tissue therapy is taking appointments!

Massage therapy may help reduce stress, alleviate muscle aches, promotes well-being, and increases circulation. April Crone, BS., LMT, will be providing massage services in a peaceful massage room located in Campus Center, Room 137. April will be responsible for taking appointments and receiving payment for the services she provides. Sessions are by appointment only. Call for an appointment: 216-408-2439

Mission Statement

The Health & Counseling Services Department in Stoner Health Center provides comprehensive medical and mental health services that aid in the assessment, treatment, prevention and promotion of health and wellness of Heidelberg University students, and on a limited basis for Heidelberg faculty, staff and retirees. The Center is committed to providing and facilitating growth in all dimensions of health through individual and group health services, counseling, education, programming and service.