Resume & Cover Letter Development

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is an introduction to your resume. It may be the first piece of correspondence an employer reads from you, and it is sometimes used as a writing sample. It can also provide the employer a window into your personality. Therefore, it is a very important document. See a simple formula and other examples.

What is a Resume?

A professional resume is one of your most important job search tools. Your resume, through powerful descriptions and action words, should generate enough interest from employers that they want to bring you in for an interview. Employers are inundated with hundreds of resumes everyday - your resume needs to be succinct, easy to read, and it must stand out from the crowd!

Basically, your resume is your personal marketing document – a sales brochure all about you! Use it to convince employers that you have the exact skills and qualities they are looking for in an employee by describing your experiences in a few, well-thought out statements. There is no exact formula for writing the perfect resume! Your resume should individually showcase your specific strengths, following a format that highlights your unique experience.

If you have never constructed a professional resume before, get a jump start with our Resume Building Worksheet. Write down everything you can possibly think: all the on-the-job, classroom, and extra-curricular experiences you have accomplished while at Heidelberg. It is best to start out with everything, then condense the information into the most important components.

There are strategies you can employ to catch an employer's attention within the first ten seconds. Employers typically spend only 30-60 seconds reviewing your resume for the first time. Therefore, the placement of information and overall look and feel of your document are critical. If you want to spice up your current resume, consult our list of Resume Action Words.

Before you send your resume to a potential employer, call our office at 419.448.2058 to schedule a resume critique (or email your document to for an online review). A Career Advisor can help you construct a terrific resume that highlights your unique knowledge, skills, abilities, and characteristics.

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