Credential Files

For Teacher Candidates (Senior Education Majors)

Establishing Your Credential File

  1. Included in this information are the materials to be used in establishing a new file or updating a previously established file. We have developed the materials to provide you maximum assistance in your career development. We encourage you to carefully read these materials prior to completing any of the forms.
  2. The following materials must be returned to our office in order to activate your placement file and to have your file sent to prospective employers.

Agreement Form: Read the Agreement Form very carefully. It lists policy statements related to the office and to the release of your placement file. Since a charge is made for credential transmittal, please read the statement before signing. The agreement will remain in effect until expiration or until changed in writing.

Credential File Directions: Read the directions for completing the master credential forms carefully, item by item, before starting to complete the materials.

If you have questions regarding these materials, please contact the OACSC at 419.448.2301 or