Documentation Guidelines

Specific documentation guidelines are provided to assist students in obtaining appropriate documentation from qualified professionals. The provision of this documentation assists the Disability Services Team (DIT) in understanding the impact of the disability, the student’s needs, and potential accommodations.

Colleges request documentation for the following reasons:

  • to verify the existence of a disability;
  • to support the request for each specific accommodation;
  • to review the nature of the disability and its impact in the post-secondary environment; and
  • to assist in the collaborative determination of eligibility for auxiliary aids and services.

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan from a secondary school may not provide sufficient information for the documentation of disability and needed accommodations.

Please read the specific Documentation Guidelines listed below. They are designed to help you, as a consumer, obtain professional assessment of potential disability. An important part of the assessment process is a clear description of your disability's current impact on you in the Heidelberg educational setting. If you become eligible to work with the Stoner Health Center, we will need this documentation in order to respond in a timely, appropriate manner to your requests for accommodations.

Note: Documentation accepted by Heidelberg University might not be accepted by other institutions, agencies, and/or programs (e.g. testing agencies, licensure exams, certification programs). Please check with the specific institutions and/or programs to determine their documentation requirements.