Meet The Staff

Res Life Staff


The Administrative staff of the Residence Life Office supports the mission of the University by planning, designing, and administering housing and residential life programs, policies, and services for all students. They enhance academic achievement, development, and personal growth of our students. In cooperation with other student affairs staff members, the staff shares an awareness of and concern for all aspects of each student's classroom, residential, and co-curricular life, and formulates and interprets policy. The Director of Residence Life manages first-year and upperclass room assignment process, room changes, billing, budgeting, professional staff selection and training.

Residence Coordinators

The Heidelberg University Residence Coordinators have a wide range of responsibility for the residential and housing aspects of Heidelberg's campus. The Residence Coordinators provide guidance, leadership, and supervision to the Resident Assistants (RAs), and they also assist the Office of Student Affairs in coordinating campus events and leadership programs and advising campus organizations.

Residence Coordinators are part of the on-campus residential community, living in apartments located inside residence halls. It is important that they live in the halls so that they can assist students with their transition, help with problems, supervise the RA Staff, walk through the facilities and handle maintenance concerns, interact with students, and serve on the campus-wide emergency on-call rotation system. With the help of RAs, Residence Coordinators also assist in handling roommate conflicts and work to maintain a safe and well-kept environment. Residence Coordinators maintain an office in Campus Center.

Resident Assistants

The office of Residence Life works to help ensure the quality of the student experience at Heidelberg University by providing a comprehensive residence hall program, which blends the social with the academic community to create an educational environment in which all residents are assisted in achieving their unique potential.  Resident Assistants are key components in creating this living and learning environment.  RA's are highly regarded on campus based on their interpersonal skills, diverse abilities, academic achievements, and leadership skills.

Krieg Hall

  • Janelle Wendorf, First Floor
  • Napoleon Bell, Third Floor
  • Josh Amburgey, Fourth Floor

King East Hall

  • Austin Hunter, First Floor
  • Kelsey Rossman, Second Floor
  • Catherine Harris, Second Floor
  • Nick Coolidge, Third Floor
  • Garrett Shutler, Third Floor

Brown Hall

  • Derek Hug, First Floor
  • Paige Ricketts, Second Floor
  • Alex Damschroder, Third Floor

France Hall

  • Alex Smith, Second Floor
  • Mikaela Weldy, Third Floor

Miller Hall

  • Zach Sorohan, First Floor
  • Ashley Kessler, Second Floor
  • Toby Minster, Third Floor
  • Matt McDivitt, Fourth Floor
  • Gage Falcone, Fifith Floor

Williard Hall

  • Marina Richley, Second Floor
  • Sara Ash, Third Floor

Talmage Hall

  • Rob Fruscella, Pod A
  • Addison Woost, Pod B
  • Ryan Finck, Pod C
  • Brian Ngare, Pod D
  • Nichole Johnson, Pod E

Senior Apartments

  • Dale Lantzer