Housing Selection Dates and Eligibility

Housing Selection Timeline

Returning undergraduate students will select their housing for Fall 2014 during the spring semester. Students may apply to live in themed housing, honors housing, or participate in the housing selection lottery online. This timeline outlines the process:

Starting: Mon, Feb 3

Returning Student Housing Application Available in MyHousing (through OASIS2)
Mon, Feb 3 Life Skill Community House Applications Available
Mon, Feb 3 Honors Housing Interest Sign-Up (for returning students; sign-up sheet in Honors house).
Mon, Feb 17 Life Skill Community House Applications Due
Tues, Feb 18-Thurs, Feb 20 Life Skill Community House Interviews
Mon, Feb 24 Life Skill Community Apartment Applications Available
Mon, Mar 17 Honors Housing Sign-Up Deadline
Mon, Mar 24 Life Skill Community Apartment Applications Due
Mon, April 7 Lottery Priority Deadline: Students must apply for housing, be registered for 12+ hours and have no holds on their account to receive their priority time for the housing selection lottery.
Wed, April 9 Lottery Roommate Selection: Login to MyHousing to view housing selection time and choose roommates.
Mon, April 14 Apartment/Suite/Triple Lottery
Wed, April 16 Double/Single/Half-Suite Lottery
Fri, Aug 1 Remaining Unassigned Students Assigned Housing


Themed Housing (Life Skills Communities)

Greek/Themed Housing information is on our Housing Options page, under Theme-Based Housing. See the above table for application deadlines.

Honors Housing

Returning undergraduate students will indicate interest in honors housing with the Honors program. Students who apply by the honors housing deadline will be notified to select their roommate in MyHousing. Then, the Campus Life Office will make room assignments based on student requests.

Housing Selection Lottery Requirements

Returning undergraduates will participate in housing selection in an online lottery ystem called MyHousing (available in OASIS2). To be eligible for Housing Selection, students must meet the following requirements by the lottery priority deadline:

  1. Enroll full-time for fall semester (12 credit hours)
  2. Clear all outstanding holds on student account
  3. Complete the online Housing Application and Contract (in MyHousing)

Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements by the priority deadline will not be entered into the lottery automatically. If you qualify after the deadline, please contact the Campus Life office to ensure that your name is added to the lottery.

How Lottery Times are Determined

For students participating in the lottery, lottery times are automatically generated. First, students will be grouped by the number of earned credit hours they currently hold. For example, students with 90 credit hours will get to choose housing before students with 89 credit hours. Then, within each credit hour grouping, students will be sorted by GPA. Using the same example, the group of students with 90 credit hours is sorted so that the student with the highest GPA will be permitted to select first within the group. Lottery times will be posted in MyHousing in advance of Housing Selection, after Friday, April 12.

Complete Lottery Instructions

A full listing of lottery instructions is available in each residence hall. It is also available by clicking on this Housing Eligibility document.