Housing FAQs

Am I eligible for the room selection process?

To be eligible to participate in the Housing Selection process, a student must be registered full-time (12 credit hours), and not have any holds on their student account. In addition, students must complete a Returning Student Housing Application and accompanying contract through MyHousing (accessed through OASIS2). Students who will be on Off Campus Study (OCS) during Fall semester should contact Campus Life before returning to campus to review housing options. Students who are on Off Campus Study (OCS) during Spring semester can participate in the Housing selection process online through MyHousing. Students who will be on a stop-out/readmits should contact the Admissions Office prior to their return to campus. Students who graduate, withdraw or are not registered for Fall classes full-time (12 Credit Hours) are not eligible for the lottery process. Housing will be assigned at a later date for those who register for Fall classes after the lottery process ends.

How much are Housing and Board Fees?

Visit the Business Office site for additional information on Heidelberg fees and charges.

What is a Housing Contract?

All students living in University housing are required to sign a Housing Contract. This agreement is binding for the entire academic year. It outlines the terms for students who live in campus-managed housing. The Housing Contract is available by visiting MyHousing through OASIS2 and clicking on "Login to Apply Online." The Housing Contract and Returning Student Housing Application are available here and must be completed before a student may participate in Housing Selection.

What do you mean by 'full-time enrolled students'?

Only students who have enrolled for 12 or more credit hours for the Fall/Spring semesters may apply for housing.

I have an empty space in my room... what does that mean for me?

The University reserves the right to fill any housing space that becomes vacant due to withdrawals or leaves that occur after the room lottery process. Students currently living in the room/apartment/house will be offered the opportunity to fill a vacancy within 5 business days. After set time, the Residence Life Office has the right to assign a student to that available space or move a student from one room to another room (Consolidation).

Where can I live?

Not all rooms will be available for room lottery. Rooms have been reserved for Resident Assistants, students with special needs, and incoming first-year students. A list of available rooms will be updated and made available through MyHousing during the lottery.

  • Krieg Hall is reserved for first year students
  • King Hall is reserved for first and second year students to the greatest extent possible.
  • Williard Hall is reserved for junior and senior students only.
  • Senior Apartments are reserved for juniors and seniors in theme based housing only.
  • France Hall is reserved for female students only.
  • Miller Hall is reserved for sophomores, juniors and seniors only. Upper-class transfers may be housed here as well.
  • Brown Hall is available for all classes. Some rooms will be set aside for first year or transfer students in this building.
  • Talmage Hall is available for all classes. Some rooms will be set aside for first year, transfer, and honors students in this building.

I have special medical needs... what can I do?

Students with physical or psychological needs that require any special residential facilities or space should submit a request to Disabilities Intervention Team (DIT) in The Owen Academic and Career Support Center. Some examples of Special Residential Needs include, but are not limited to, single rooms, air conditioning, elevator access or private bathrooms. There are several forms that must be completed by a licensed medical professional as components of any request to the DIT. Forms are available from the Owen Academic and Career Support Center in Campus Center or online. Special accommodations will not be provided by Campus Life without approval from the DIT. Submitting a request does not guarantee the need can be met. Students must re-apply for special accommodations each academic year.

I can't find a roommate OR I'm waiting on my friend who is coming to Heidelberg next fall.

Heidelberg has only a few single rooms available for the lottery process, and are available on a first come/first served basis. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that students select a roommate prior to Housing Selection. Students may choose a roommate by logging in to MyHousing, clicking on "Login to MyHousing" and visiting the "Roommates" menu option. Students will be able to select roommates online in the days prior to Housing Selection.

Returning students who want to room with a first-year or transfer student may participate in the lottery process. The returning student should contact Campus Life with the name of the new student. The new student may only be involved in the returning student Housing Selection process if they have been accepted to Heidelberg, paid their enrollment deposit, and submitted the New Student Housing Application and housing contract through MyHousing.

If a vacancy occurs in someone’s room after Housing Selection, Campus Life will re-assign the bed to another student.

Is there a waiting list for rooms?

The Campus Life Office will maintain a waiting list for single rooms over the course of the summer. This list will be created after the returning student housing selection process has taken place.

All other housing options that open during the year will be made available at the Campus Life Office's discretion through the room change process.

I want to commute to Heidelberg. How do I go about doing that?

An application for commuter living is required of all students who wish to commute. Students who currently commute must re-apply each year. Applications for commuter status must be submitted to the Campus Life Office. Students who wish to apply for commuter status must reside with their parent(s) or legal guardians home within a 50 mile radius of Heidelberg University. Students approved for commuter status found living elsewhere, will be assessed room and board charges for the academic year. Further information and an application are available on the Commuting & Living Off Campus page. The application is available on the main Residence Life page, under the Quick Links section.