1. Students may not remove or exchange furniture from common areas of the residence hall (or house) or from any residence hall room.
  2. Lofts may be built for rooms in Miller Hall only.
    1. Lofts must be built according to the specifications published and available from the Residence Life Office.
    2. Lofts are not permitted in the University-owned houses or apartments.
    3. Lofts must be inspected by the Residence Coordinator within the first two weeks of school.
    4. Maintenance staff will immediately remove non-inspected lofts that are discovered in student rooms and the residents will be charged $100.
  3. Screens are not to be removed from windows.
  4. Waterbeds are not permitted unless a serious medical condition requires it and permission is received from the Disabilities Intervention Team.
  5. Student owned furniture, including couches, chairs, tables and futons are not permitted in Williard Hall. Small TV stands are acceptable in Williard Hall.
  6. Student owned furniture, including couches, chairs, tables, and futons are not permitted outside of campus owned apartments or houses, including porches or patios.
  7. All University furniture must stay in the designated room in which it was intended.