1. Students may decorate the residence hall rooms, apartments and houses with the following guidelines and policies:
    1. Students will be charged for damage caused by adhesives, tacks or nails.
    2. Painting or other like alteration of student rooms, facilities or equipment is not permitted.
    3. Decorative lights must be UL approved.
    4. Carpeting must meet DOC-FF specifications. The use of carpet tape and foam or rubber-backed carpeting is prohibited.
    5. Nothing should be hanging from or covering the ceiling, sprinkler heads, lights, or any other life safety equipment in the room.
    6. Room doors may be decorated as long as it does not hinder the function of the door. Items placed on the door must be easily removable without causing damage to the door/frame finish.
    7. Any offensive decorations posted in or near a room will be removed.