Courtesy and Quiet Hours

  1. Courtesy Hours
    1. Courtesy Hours are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week both inside and outside the residence halls. Consideration for others is a primary component of community living and students agree to uphold this expectation when they choose to become residents.
    2. The volume of stereos/TVs/voices/etc. must be kept at a level that cannot be heard outside the room with the door closed or outside the building.
    3. Noise level must not deter students who want/need to study or sleep at any time.
    4. Speakers may not be placed on or played from windowsills.
    5. Amps of speakers must be appropriate to room size and volume kept at a conversational level of sound.
    6. Students must comply with any student or staff member’s request to be quiet.
  2. Quiet Hours
    1. When quiet hours are in effect, stereo, voice, and television volumes must be kept low and room doors must be closed when there is any noise in the room.
    2. Quiet Hours are 10pm to 11am Sunday night through Friday morning and midnight to 11am Friday night through Sunday morning.
    3. During finals week, 24-hour quiet is in effect.
  3. Failure to comply with Courtesy and/or Quiet Hours may result in a noise contract where a requirement that sound equipment must be stored in a designated area until it can be taken home.