Room Entry and Inspection

  1. The University reserves the right to inspect University-owned housing as a function of its responsibility to protect the safety and health of all residents and to ensure that University property is properly maintained.
  2. University officials will inspect each student room, apartment, or house prior to or at the time a resident initially occupies it and will inspect the room prior to a student’s departure.
  3. The University reserves the right to allow entry by Maintenance, Security, and Campus Life staff to inspect or make repairs to University-owned housing at any time during the year, with reasonable consideration of the occupants. 
  4. The University reserves the right to enter and inspect University-owned housing when:
    1. a staff member has a reasonable ground to believe that some condition exists that constitutes a clear and present danger to the health, safety or security of the occupants of any unit.
    2.  a staff member has reasonable grounds to believe that unauthorized equipment or University property is present.
    3. there is probable cause to believe that a University housing unit contains contraband items such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, firearms, and quantities of alcohol such as kegs, party balls, etc.
    4. a fire alarm is sounding. Campus Life staff may enter housing units to ensure that the unit is unoccupied. Closets may be opened. If Campus Life staff discovers contraband items through insuring that rooms are vacant during fire alarms or other normal functions, they will confiscate
      the item(s) and document the violation.
    5. a monthly Health and Safety Inspection has been advertised at least 24 hours in advance of the inspection. Campus Life staff will enter and conduct smoke detector and health and safety inspections once per month and/or prior to any University break period.
    6. a staff member has reasonable grounds to believe that unauthorized person(s) are living there.
    7. a staff member has reason to believe a specific violation of University or Campus Life policies is taking place.
  5. Searches of rooms may be conducted by a University official only with specific authorization from the Dean of Student Affairs or his/her designee. Prohibited items discovered during a search will be confiscated and documented.