Closing of University Housing

University Breaks

  1. All University residences are closed during Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, Easter and Summer breaks. Closing and reopening hours for residential properties will be specified and published in advance. Students are not permitted to reside in or enter the residence halls during vacation periods without permission from the Campus Life Office.
  2. Students may leave personal possessions in their rooms, apartments, and/or houses during breaks during the academic year. The University will not assume responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged property.
  3. Students who require housing during university breaks should consult with the Campus Life Office. Arrangements will be made to assist students in extenuating circumstances only.

End of the year

  1. Students are required to check out of University housing within 24 hours after his or her last exam. Seniors must check out of University housing following the graduation ceremony.
  2. For proper checkout to occur the room must be completely vacated of personal items, left clean, and a room condition report must be completed with the Residence Life staff.
  3. Fees are charged directly to the student’s account for damage to rooms/houses/common areas and for any unusual cleaning or repair that is required.
  4. Students may be charged a fee for improper check-out if they
    1. fail to set-up a checkout time;
    2. are not prepared to checkout at their chosen check out time;
    3. fail to sign the Room Condition Report and/or return keys/student ID.
  5. All residential students are responsible for any damage found in the room during inspections.

Each space will be inspected by the RA, RC, and full-time staff member of Campus Life. Damages found in the room during inspection will be added to the student’s campus account.