Early Alert Form

Purpose and Importance

Heidelberg is committed to student success and retention. It takes the cooperation of all members of the Heidelberg community to significantly improve retention. The alert system provides all campus constituents an additional method to directly contribute to the retention efforts and helping to achieve student persistence and academic success.

Heidelberg’s Student Alert System allows members of the campus community a convenient means of referring students for services. The Student Alert System provides an online form for referrals. When student information is submitted to Heidelberg’s student support services, a member of the staff will contact the student.

The purpose of the student alert system is to identify and effectively intervene with students who are exhibiting “at risk” behaviors. Early intervention may make a difference in a student’s life and have a positive effect on possible drop out and attrition rates. Please refer students who are in danger of not passing a class or exhibiting behaviors causing concern by using the online Student Alert form found on the Heidelberg website.

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