Withdrawal from the University

A withdrawal from the university occurs when a student wishes to drop all of their courses within a semester or does not plan to return for a semester following their current enrolled semester. Additionally a student can be administratively withdrawn if they do not return for a semester.

Students who wish to withdraw should complete the online withdraw form in their OASIS account. After completing the form, students must meet with the Dean of Student Affairs to determine their withdrawal date.

The Dean of Student Affairs Office will assign a withdraw date based on the criteria below: 

  1. The student's withdrawal date will be determined by the date the student submits an official intent to withdraw notice to the Dean of Student Affairs Office, typically, this notice is submitted through the student’s OASIS account.
  2. If records show that a student attended classes later than the date submitted to the Dean of Student Affairs office, then the last date recorded by a class instructor will be used as the date of withdrawal.
  3. If records show that at a date later than any date cited above the student met with an advisor, participated in a study group or academic support activity, completed assignments in Moodle, or had some other documented academic interaction with university personnel, then a determination shall be made by the Dean of Student Affairs Office as to whether the date of the activity will serve as the effective date of withdrawal.
  4. If the Dean of Student Affairs office determines that the student, through no fault of their own, was unable to submit a timely, official withdrawal notice to the Dean of Student Affairs Office, then the Dean of Student Affairs Office may determine a withdrawal date earlier than the official notice date based on class attendance, completed assignments in Moodle, attendance at a meeting with an advisor, attendance at a study group, or any other academic interaction with university personnel.
  5. Finally, If the last date of attendance cannot be determined then the last date of final exams may be used.

A student may rescind an official notification to withdraw by submitting a written statement to the Dean of Student Affairs Office that they are continuing to participate in academic activities and intend to complete the enrollment period. The rescind notice must be submitted prior to the end of the enrollment period in which the student was withdrawn.