Voter Registration

All U.S. citizens are encouraged to exercise their right to vote! To do so, please insure you are registered with your local Board of Elections. For Ohio voters, a copy of a voter registration form may be obtained The Ohio Secretary of State’s website.

In 2000, Congress passed a bill (H.R.6, Section 489b) that requires colleges and universities to make voter registrations forms “widely available to students at their institution.” The regulation requires and Heidelberg University's practice has been to do this before Presidential and gubernatorial elections.

Voter registration forms are also available at the Seneca County Board of Elecitons, 71 S. Wahsington St, Tiffin, Ohio. The Office of Civic Engagement and different student organizations also generally participate in voter registration drives on campus. In the 2008 election, Heidelberg University had the 3rd largest voter registration of all public and private schools in Ohio.