Vehicle Policy

 All Heidelberg University students are eligible to have a vehicle on campus.  There is a $50 registration fee for students living on campus, and a $25 registration fee for students who commute.  All fees are paid through the Business Office.  Students, who choose to bring vehicles to campus, must follow these guidelines:

1.   Motorized vehicles (autos and motorcycles) must be registered at the Business Office within five (5) class days following a student’s first enrollment in each academic year, or five (5) class days following the acquisition of the vehicle.

2.   The registration parking pass must be displayed at all times so that it is clearly visible

3.   According to Ohio law, all motor vehicles must carry personal and property liability insurance.  The University has no liability, and assumes none, for a student driving or riding in a private car, nor does the University assume any responsibility for the loss or damage to motorized vehicles brought to campus or for liability whatsoever related to the ownership or use of student vehicles.

4.   The owner and/or operator of a motor vehicle is responsible for any fines and costs incurred by the user of the vehicle.

5.   Any fines incurred must be paid at the Business Office five days from the date of issue.  Fines not paid within five days will be posted to the student’s account.