Norms, Policies and Procedures

Heidelberg University is a community engaged in the business of learning. As a member of a community of scholars, there are a number of norms, policies and procedures which guide our actions. All members of the Heidelberg University community are responsible for familiarizing themselves with these expectations and working to uphold them.

The following norms, policies and procedures provide a framework within which our community can grow. Overriding all is our common desire to be educational, fair and just. It is through our desire to be fair and just that we learn to understand and come to appreciate the virtue of civility.

If there is doubt as to the interpretation of the community expectations, the Dean of Student Affairs will assist you in understanding. In any situation the University reserves the right to take action that will most effectively protect the welfare of the members of the community and the interests of the University.

Policy Sections

Campus Community
Health & Wellness
Student Code


PDF of the Heidelberg University Student Handbook and Planner 2015-16