Getting Connected to ResNet

What's the Network Like?
Heidelberg University provides network connectivity to students via our Residence Hall Network ("ResNet"). In the residence halls, each student is provided with one "network faceplate" to which he or she can connect a computer to the campus network. A ResNet connection includes full Internet connectivity, as well as access to Heidelberg's own network resources (email, storage space, OASIS academic record information, etc.). Our campus network is built on a 1 Gbps ("gigabit per second") Ethernet backbone with 100 Mbps ("megabits per second") switched connectivity to each network faceplate.

Connectivity in residence halls:

 Location Wired Ethernet WIFI   Location  Wired Ethernet WIFI
Brown Hall Yes    Yes   2 Clinton Ave.   Yes
France Hall Yes    Yes   14 Clinton Ave. Yes    Yes
King Hall East Yes    Yes   141 Main St.**   Yes
King Hall West Yes  Yes   215 Main St.**   Yes
Krieg Hall Yes   Yes   229 Main St.**   Yes
Miller Hall Yes   Yes   281 Main St.**   Yes
Williard Hall Yes   Yes   40 Prospect St.**      Yes
College Hill Apts.     Yes   285 E. Market St. Yes  Yes
Senior Apts.**     Yes   333 E. Market St.**   Yes
5/7 Circular St. Yes   Yes   345 E. Market St.**   Yes
13 Circular St. Yes   Yes   347 E. Market St.**   Yes
21 Circular St. Yes   Yes        
University Commons  Yes   Yes        

 ** denotes residential properties which are served by Time-Warner Cable, rather than Heidelberg network services. In these buildings, please contact Time-Warner for assistance.

What Kind of Computer Do I Need?
See our Computer Recommendations for our suggestions on a suitable computer configuration.

What are the other requirements for a ResNet connection?
In order to connect to ResNet, you must follow the steps outlined in Before I come to campus: what must I do to my computer?

How Do I Connect Once I'm On Campus?
For Windows and MAC OS, you'll need to configure DHCP to obtain an Internet address automatically. You probably already have this setting in place.

Safe Connect & Network Logon
The University has implemented a network authentication and validation security system known as "Safe Connect," to help prevent infected computers from accessing the network and infecting other computers. Students: when you connected in your residence hall room, you'll need to go through the registration process. If your machine is patched and up-to-date, the process will go very quickly; if vulnerabilities are found, you will be lead through some simple remediation processes.