BergApps Deployment Wrapping Up

Mar 7, 2012

Our campus rollout of BergApps (Google Apps for Education) is nearing the wrap-up stage. At this point, 100% of current students and alumni with Heidelberg email accounts have been migrated to BergApps. Almost all faculty and staff are also using the new system, and we are in the process of contacting remaining university guests and retirees to begin their migration to BergApps.

Students, faculty, and staff are already making use of the improved collaboration features offered in BergApps, including voice and video chat, shared calendaring, real-time document collaboration, etc. CNIT recently conducted well-received training sessions for faculty and staff and will offer more such sessions in the near future.

Once all of our users have "gone Google," we'll be able to add even more features to the product suite. One such feature we're eager to implement is Google Groups, which will replace and enhance our current mailman service, allowing campus entities to create and manage their own mailing lists/discussion forums with a threaded and searchable interface.

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