WIFI Added in Krieg Hall

Feb 29, 2012

At the end of February, CNIT staff began installing WIFI access points into all 4 floors of Krieg Hall, in the central lounge areas on each floor. There had not been any university WIFI service in Krieg Hall previously.

Currently, there is excellent coverage in the common areas from the lobby all the way up through the 4th floor. We spoke with several students during the installation process who were quick to begin using it, and have observed small groups gathering around the lounge tables to make use of this new service. Initial feedback is very positive from Krieg residents.

This initial installation will not reach all residential rooms, due to the architecture of Krieg Hall with its many thick walls. In March, we plan to survey all parts of the building and map out locations for additional AP's to reach more individual rooms in addition to the lounge areas and adjacent rooms already covered.

Of course, all wired ethernet connections in all rooms will continue to function as before.

We're pleased be able to take this strong first step, but it will take some more effort to achieve 100% coverage. We'll keep you posted as additional AP's are placed.