BergApps: Google Apps Terms of Service

As a Heidelberg University Google Apps for Education user, you have several powerful software components available to you from Google. However, not all of the components are subject to the same terms of service and privacy policies.

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The "Core" Google Apps

Google Apps Core Apps

As part of its Google Apps for Education product suite, Google provides a set of what it calls "core" apps. Those apps currently include the following Google products: Gmail, Calendar, Drive (Docs, Sheets, etc.), Groups for Business, Sites, and Hangouts/Talk (Chat).

These core apps are covered by the agreement that Heidelberg University has with Google.  For these core apps offered under, and data stored in, the Heidelberg Google Apps for Education instance:

  • No ads are served to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Heidelberg (not Google) owns the data.
  • Your privacy is protected at a level comparable to that of other Heidelberg services.
  • Google is in compliance with FERPA (it is considered a "school official" and is thus subject to relevant FERPA regulations).  End users are reminded of their responsibility to comply with the university's FERPA policy in their use of the Google Apps system.

Google reserves the right to change the set of available core apps at any time; however, the list should remain fairly stable.

Other Google "Consumer" Apps

The University has decided to make available additional Google apps and services that may be of interest to you under your login. Be aware that these additional apps and services are not covered by the Heidelberg contract with Google.  When you first use any of these other "consumer" (i.e. non-core) apps, you'll be required to agree to Google's consumer Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  Those policies apply to your use of any of the non-core apps. The value of enabling these non-core apps is that you can then use your Heidelberg credentials when you want to use any of these services for school or work purposes.

We encourage you to use these non-core apps if you find them useful; however, remember that they are subject to ads and are not governed by the same privacy terms and conditions as are the core apps noted above--they are governed by a contract between you and Google.  CNIT cannot provide support for these services.

Heidelberg reserves the right to enable and disable access to any "consumer" (i.e. non-core) apps at any time.  Some of the consumer apps available under your Google Apps login include

  • Blogger
  • Chrome Web Store
  • FeedBurner
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Bookmarks
  • Google Chrome Sync
  • Google Maps
  • Google News
  • Google+
  • Picasa Web Albums
  • Web History
  • YouTube

We are currently evaluating the viability of other non-core apps for possible inclusion in our Google Apps offering.

Add-ons (Docs and Sheets)

Add-ons are third-party tools available in Google Drive (Docs and Spreadsheets). Add-ons have the ability to interact with your Google Apps for Education account and will ask for special permissions in order to function.  It is extremely important for you to understand the functionality of the Add-on and to review any documentation related to the Add-on before enabling it.  Be aware that Add-ons are not covered by the Heidelberg University contract with Google.  Add-ons are governed by their own terms of use and privacy policies; you must understand those policies before you grant access to an Add-on.  If you do not understand or cannot find the terms of use or privacy policy for an Add-on, do not use it.

Add-ons should be considered commercial applications with no expectation of privacy.  Do not use Add-ons that connect to an external service to store or manipulate any FERPA-related information, or information that could put an individual or the University at risk.

The Add-on Gallery can be accessed under the Add-ons menu within Docs and Spreadsheets.  To revoke access to an Add-on, open a document or spreadsheet, click the Add-ons menu, select Manage Add-ons, and remove the Add-on for which you would like to revoke access.  CNIT cannot provide support for Add-ons.

Heidelberg University reserves the right to disable access to any and all Add-ons at any time and to audit Add-on installation.

Other Services

Occasionally, you may find sites that offer products or services that work with Google Apps for Education and can connect directly to your individual account, integrating the service with your logon.  Keep in mind that you are accepting some risk when you connect such a service to your Google Apps account.  CNIT cannot provide support for such services.

The "Core" Google Apps | Other Google "Consumer" Apps | Add-ons (Docs and Sheets) | Other Services