Choral Music Education in the Secondary Curriculum

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2-3 sem. hrs.
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(Variable credit; students in the Instrumental or Keyboard Music Education programs may take the course for either 2 or 3 hours credit; students in the Vocal Music Education program must take the course for three hours credit.). A survey of music teaching skills, knowledge, and methods applicable to the middle age and adolescent choral curriculum. Coursework includes development of reading skills in choral music, materials and procedures for non-performance classes, as well as rehearsal techniques for choral performing organizations. Incorporates appropriate Ohio curriculum models and National Standards for Music Education. Field experience, including observations and live teaching demonstrations, are required. Students taking the course for 3 hours credit will work on specific keyboard skills related to the secondary classroom. Prerequisite: MUS 092, 316, 363. Co-requisite: MUS 374