Communication and Collaborative Partnerships

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2 sem. hrs.
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Fall and Spring

Stresses the importance and benefits of positive interaction with students, parents, school and community personnel. Methods of encouraging and assisting families to be active participants in the educational team will be addressed. Emphasis is also placed on integrating students into various learning environments by using collaborative strategies such as team teaching, peer tutoring and use of aides and volunteers. Taken concurrently with EDU 416 and one of the following: 426, 427, 428, 429, or 430. Prerequisite: 3.0 GPA, C- or higher in PSY 101 and whichever of the following courses apply to licensure areas: EDU 344, 345 (Early); 350, 360, 373, 375, 380, 390 (Middle); 366, 376, 386, 396 (AYA); MUS 373, 374 (Music); HPE 322 or 343 (HPE); EDU 336 and academic year abroad (Spanish and German).