Prescriptive Assessment and Diagnosis

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2-3 sem. hrs.

Principles and procedures of assessment used in the identification of disabilities and the prescription of remedial techniques for all students. Students are expected to select and administer and interpret various formal and informal assessment instruments. Particular emphasis is placed upon the use of the assessment data in the planning of educational services for students with mild/moderate educational needs. Discussion of alternative assessment options will be integrated throughout the curricula of this course. Appropriate clinical/field experience is required. Basic inferential statistical concepts will be introduced and reviewed in the initial 5 weeks of this course. Prerequisites: Junior standing for EIS Licensure and taken prior to Senior Block for 3 sem. hrs; 3.0 GPA, C- or higher in PSY 101, EDU 220 and 300-level courses (some multiage excepted). Taken concurrently with Senior Block for 2 sem. hrs. by Early (426), Middle (427), AYA (428) and Multi-Age (430) (except HPE). For ISP, taken Fall of junior year with EIS 350 and 361.