Curriculum and Instruction for Young Children-Pre-K-Grade 3

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General Education Requirements: 
4 sem. hrs.
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Fall and Spring

Emphasis on the development and implementation of developmentally appropriate curriculum across the content areas for young children ages 3-8. Curricular organization and content, materials, activities, and instructional strategies and practices, including small-group, cooperative learning groups, and discussion, will be addressed, as will the role of authentic assessment practices in guiding planning and instruction. Exploration of Social Studies curriculum models and standards will form an integrative curricular framework. The role of play in learning, principles of anti-bias curriculum, and design and organization of the learning environment to support positive relationships among children and adults and to promote learning will be examined. The course will also explore implications on development and learning of diverse learners, including children who are gifted and those with disability conditions, and the resultant curricular and environmental modifications and specialized instructional strategies, including assistive technologies (as specified on IEPs) necessary to accommodate learners with a range of learning and developmental needs in inclusive early childhood Pre-K-3rd grade settings. Throughout the course, students will examine appropriate software and access the Internet/other media for curriculum ideas and resources (to be included also within activity/ lesson implementation in the field). Prerequisites: A 3.0 GPA, C- or higher in PSY 101, EDU 321, 322, 323. Corequisite: EDU 344 (ERL).