Language/Literacy Development in Early Childhood

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General Education Requirements: 
2 sem. hrs.
Semesters Offered: 
Fall and Spring

Emphases on the acquisition of language skills from birth through age eight and how to promote literacy development in preschool and early childhood settings. Developmental stages of oral and spoken language skills and reading/writing skills will be addressed. Types of literacy experiences to enhance development based on assessment of individual skills/ developmental levels will be emphasized. Students will develop an understanding of the Ohio Academic Content Standards. Students will also become familiar with and learn to evaluate the appropriateness of different software for the development of reading/written language skills for young children, and use the Internet as a resource for locating children’s literature. Prerequisites: 3.0 GPA, C- or higher in PSY 101, EDU 225, 230; EIS 265, 285. Corequisite: EDU 322, 323.