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Policy Revisions to Major and Minor Grade Requirement and Grade Waivers

On behalf Academic Affairs, the Heidelberg faculty voted to approve and immediately implement revisions to the 2015-16  Major and Minor Grade Requirement and Major Grade Waiver policies. These policy revisions are very important to your academic planning and should be reviewed while planning your next semester's courses. The new policies follow.

Major and Minor Grade Requirement
Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.000 in all required major, track or concentration, and minor courses. In addition, students must earn no lower than a “C-“ (1.667) in any such course. Required allied courses listed within a major are not held to the minimum “C-” (1.667), unless specified by the department.

Major Grade Waiver
For those departments that will accept a single “D” (1.000) or “D+” (1.333) grade for a major or minor requirement, students have the right to request a grade waiver. A student may only be granted one grade waiver in each major and/or minor. A waived grade remains included in a student’s major GPA calculation. Students will contact the Department Chair or Director for departmental procedures and policies to submit a grade waiver petition. Once a decision has been rendered, the Department Chair or Director will notify the Registrar’s Office in writing.

What does this mean for you?

  • Students are permitted to earn a grade of "C-" or higher in the major/minor. The original published policy in the 2015-16 catalog permitted a "C" or better.
  • If a student earns a grade of "D+ or D" in a major or minor course, that student may petition the department chair to accept one grade waiver. The department will determine the outcome and some departments strictly state they do not permit grade waivers.
  • While students are now permitted to earn a "C-" the cumulative GPA in the major/minor must be a 2.0 or higher. "C-" grades will drag down the GPA; several "C-" grades are not advised.
  • Students should schedule an appointment with their academic advisor to discuss questions.



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July 29, 2015
Office of the Registrar