Planning, Budget and Timeline

A Planned and Practical Approach

“This is a conservative yet visionary design. It’s not overbuilt for today, and it can be expanded for tomorrow.”
– Kevin Skully, Architect

The construction of Hoernemann Stadium & The Fox Den Alumni Center is part of the University’s’s Strategic Action Plan.

It will be followed by the construction of a field house and other recreational amenities, pending feasibility studies and resource capacity.

By approaching the development of these facilities on a step-by-step basis, Heidelberg is ensuring that it is addressing the full range of infrastructure improvements needed to attract and retain students in the years ahead.

Project Budget and Timeline

“Once the Stadium is done, I know I will have a tremendous emotional response to it, and all the players, past or present, will feel similarly…I want to do all I can to help it come to fruition..”
– Bill Landess, Board of Trustees

Our goal is to raise $4.8 million for construction of Hoernemann Stadium & The Fox Den Alumni Center.

Construction began in the late fall of 2013, following approval by the Board of Trustees. An extremely difficult winter delayed the project by several weeks, but work resumed in the spring.

As of October 2014, Heidelberg will have the athletic and alumni anchor we have been missing.