Strategic Action Plan

Adams Hall and the School of Business

Completed, Fall 2010 — A complete, $3.9 million renovation of the former Laird Hall of Science was completed on schedule, and the new Adams Hall and the School of Business opened in the fall of 2010. In conjunction with the renovation, Heidelberg implemented an enhanced business curriculum and established the Patricia Adams Lecture Series. Launched in September 2010, twice annually the lecture series brings to campus exceptional female speakers from a broad spectrum of personal and professional backgrounds.

Media Communication Center

Media Communication CenterCompleted, Fall 2010 — In the spring of 2010, Heidelberg began construction on a breakthrough media communication learning and training program. The Media Communication Center opened in Fall 2010. A new director has successfully integrated student-run radio and television stations with a commercial radio station as the university embarks on a new learning philosophy around the business of media and communication.

People, Ideas and Programs

Ongoing 2010-2012 — With intense focus on strengthening the People, Ideas and Programs that support academic excellence and the student experience, several action-driven initiatives promote engagement through faculty-student interaction, alumni engagement with the university and enhanced enrollment management and marketing plans. Examples include the Faculty AIM HEI Student Mentoring Program for freshmen and first-semester sophomores, set to launch in the fall of 2011; a new integrated Academic and Career Support Center, in place since the fall of 2010, the German and European Studies Summer Program and the Alumni Branded Cities Plan and Enrollment Compass States Plan, currently kicking off in Florida and northeast Ohio.

Residence Life & Learning Hall and The University Commons

The University Commons and Tower PlazaCompleted, Summer/Fall 2011 — Located in the heart of campus and designed specifically for sophomores, Heidelberg’s new $6.3 million residence facility was opened in August 2011 and is an innovation in community pod-style living. The 9,000-square-foot University Commons, which is designed to support students’ pursuit of social, academic, spiritual and physical activity features The Fireside Café Pub, a great room with a panoramic view of the campus, study and meeting spaces, a large patio with a fire pit and outdoor seating and the Tower Plaza.

Saurwein Health & Wellness Center

rendering of Saurwein Health and Wellness CenterCompleted, Summer 2012 — An exciting space for fitness, cardio, weight training, aerobics and academics, the $4.3 million Saurwein Health & Wellness Center is open to all students, faculty, staff and the community. Classrooms and faculty offices support the new health sciences major. The 22,000-square-foot facility, which is attached to Seiberling Gymnasium, opened in the fall of 2012.

Academic Comprehensive Campaign for Excellence

2011-2016 — Designed to enhance our core mission by emphasizing faculty support/development and student success. We seek to raise $75 million to deliver academic resources to transform People, Infrastructure, Programs and Facilities to improve Academic Excellence and Student Experience.

Athletic Stadium and Alumni Center

Rendering of athletic stadium and alumni centerPlanned, 2013 — A new 1,300-seat athletic stadium and alumni center would support all students, faculty, staff and the Tiffin community, and promote enthusiasm, energy and community to Heidelberg. In addition to varsity athletic competitions and intramural events, the new multi-purpose facility would provide space for large events such as commencement and concerts. If we stay on plan, the projected completion date is 2013.

Recreation Center and Field House

Planned, 2014-2018 — This 50,000-square-foot facility would serve as a student center and athletic complex for personal exercise, team practice and academic sports programs. Located beside Seiberling Gymnasium, the facility would contain an indoor track, courts, locker rooms, conference and program space and a parking garage. The project would take several years of focused campaign work before a possible completion in 2018.