Graphic Standards

Purpose of these Standards

In the past, the use of colors, logos and publications produced for Heidelberg has been unregulated. In an effort to create a more consistent image for the university, the Office of Marketing & Communication Services has compiled some basic guidelines addressing the proper and acceptable usage of the university’s logos in visual communications.

Effective January 2009, Heidelberg College became Heidelberg University, and began the introduction of a new brand image designed to better represent Heidelberg. A distinctive logo is critical in helping Heidelberg build brand recognition and effectively representing all constituent groups.

Careful consideration was invested in the creation of these new logos, with input from students, faculty, staff and administrators. This Graphic Standards Manual is designed to assist everyone in proper usage of the new marks. All marks are property of Heidelberg University and it is necessary that they be used properly. These rules apply to anyone using a Heidelberg mark, both internally and externally.

Official colors

Historically, Heidelberg’s colors have been red, orange and black,representing the historic origins of the Reformed Church. Today, these colors have been adapted to serve Heidelberg’s various constituents.

Heidelberg Red
The principle color used in Heidelberg academic pieces is red (PMS 186). This color is used whenever possible on publications to help create a consistent visual identity for the university. This red was chosen because is has a rich tone and can be used in conjunction with various other colors. The circle with the silhouette of University Hall in the Heidelberg University logo is depicted in this red.

Pantone® color: PMS 186
C-0 M-100 Y-81 K-4
R216 G0 B46

Heidelberg Orange
Orange is utilized on Heidelberg athletics publications and the athletics website. This color is used for athletics because it is bright and better reflects the action and intensity of Heidelberg athletics.

Pantone® color: PMS 172
C-0 M-66 Y-88 K-0
R-244 G-120 B-54

Heidelberg Black
Completing the triad of colors is black. Black can be used in conjunction with the red or orange, for text or in graphical elements throughout the publication.

Pantone© color: Black
C-100 M-100 Y-100 K-100
R-0 G-0 B-0

Official Logos

To better represent the transition from College to University, the Heidelberg logo was redesigned to appear different from previous versions, but still recognizable as belonging to Heidelberg. Careful consideration was given while designing the new image, from the creation of the new graphic image to the choice in colors. Custom lettering was developed for the logotype, which is carried throughout all variations. These logos are available in different colors and formats to accommodate any graphic needs, and are available for download in the Heidelberg Logos folder on server six.

The logos available here are suitable for printing of internal publications, and are available in JPEG format. They should be used no larger than the size provided; enlarging the logos beyond this size causes distortion and leads to poor quality in output. If you need other sizes or file formats, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communication Services.

Heidelberg Logo LongHeidelberg Logo Stacked

In an effort to visually show the transition from Heidelberg College to Heidelberg University, it was agreed that a clear departure from the previous Heidelberg logo should be made. With that in mind, the Heidelberg University logo was developed using a circle graphic with the silhouette of the University Hall steeple. The lettering for the logo was chosen for its prestigious feel and distinctive qualities of the sweeping R. Two basic variations of the logo are available, the horizontal and the stacked version.

H BlackThe “H” is a recognizable mark of Heidelberg and can be utilized by all departments. In previous versions a drop shadow was incorporated, this is no longer part of the updated “H”. The “H” can be used in any of the three Heidelberg colors, but it is recommended that the red H be used for any academic purposes and the orange H be used for athletics.

Heidelberg SealThe Heidelberg Seal is to be used only on official publications, such as those for the Office of the President, Board of Trustees and commencement materials. The Heidelberg logo and Heidelberg Seal are not interchangeable. The Seal is not available for general use.

The Student Prince
Student PrinceTo better represent the competitive nature of athletics, the Student Prince was redesigned to appear fierce and competitive. Careful consideration was given while designing the new image, from the angle of the head to the flow of the cape and position of the sword and shield. Custom lettering was developed for the logotype, which is carried throughout all variations.

BergAs an alternative to using the Student Prince, the following logotypes have been redesigned to accompany the new visual identity of the Student Prince. All Heidelberg athletic logos are consistent and help to convey a unified brand, and have been created from a custom font designed for Heidelberg. These logotypes can be generic for all athletics or sport specific.

University HallArtwork of University Hall is also a commonly used graphic mark of Heidelberg. Several versions of this artwork are available and can be used. Artwork of University Hall should not be used in place of the official logo; all publications should include a version of the Heidelberg logo somewhere on the piece.

Custom Logos

It is necessary for some departments to have a distinctive look and in these cases, custom logos may be used to enhance a publication. A customized logo can never be used to replace approved graphics of Heidelberg, only in addition to. (Examples include; Heidelberg at Arrowhead and customized athletics logos) To have a custom logo or graphic developed for your department, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communication Services.

Logo Violations

Never typeset or attempt to re-create the Heidelberg University logo on your own. Specific type treatments and proportions are specialized and should not be altered. The logo should never be stretched, condensed or altered in any way.

Examples of Incorrect Logos

Below is a collection of outdated or unapproved logos. If you are currently using these logos, please update your files with newer versions.

Old H

(old version of H that is narrow & has drop shadow)

Old H

(old version of H and font has changed)

Old H

(Logo that was used for 150 year celebration... now outdated)

How to Obtain Logos

Versions of the approved logos (with exception of the seal) may be downloaded from this website or found in the Heidelberg Logos folder on Server6.

For other logo requests or questions on usage, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communication Services. The Office of Marketing & Communication Services can also assist you in producing attractive and effective publications. Please contact us when planning a communication and we will be happy to work with you to meet your communication objectives, budget and timeline.


Audrey Burkholder
Director of Marketing & Communication Services