Types of Gifts

Annual Giving

The majority of Heidelberg Fund gifts are unrestricted operating funds to enhance the operating budget. Funds are expended following the budget process's recommendations for priorities for a given year. Unrestricted funds support educational programs: classes, performances, speakers, internships, athletics, and scholarships.

Endowment Giving

Gifts to Endowment

The minimum amount needed to name an endowed fund at Heidelberg is $25,000. This sum can be made in a single gift, or spread over a period of years, usually not more than five. Interest income from the endowment is spent each year to make an award. Endowments can be funded with cash, securities, life insurance, property or from IRA and 401(K) programs.

Endowed scholarships are recognized annually in the College Catalog.

Memorial gifts honor the memory of a person or group with the gift of an endowed scholarship or a memorial which will financially assist students or faculty and advance teaching and learning at the College.

Scholarships are awarded for a variety of purposes, or donors may elect to create their own unique fund to support a cause of special importance to the family.

Named Prizes

Named prizes are cash awards made to a deserving and qualified student. They are similar to endowed scholarships; however, they begin with an initial investment of $10,000. A portion of the interest earned is rolled back into the principal along with future donations until the total reaches the named scholarship level ($25,000).

Named prizes are listed annually in the University Catalog.

Capital Giving

Capital gifts provide support for the University's infrastructure. These investments in Heidelberg, known as "bricks and mortar" gifts, provide facilities which are commensurate to the excellent liberal arts education for which we are known. These projects are fundamental for the long-term sustainability of the University as a top-tier liberal arts school, both in enrollment and retention.