Work Study

Students who have a university work study job as part of their financial aid award have priority for on-campus employment. The campus job award is the maximum amount the student may earn during the year. The awarded amount is based on the student’s need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Should students have any questions about their eligibility to work on-campus they should contact the Financial Aid Office.

Work Study & Community Service

A portion of our work-study funding is used for community service. These jobs benefit both students on campus as well as individuals in the community. Our community service jobs are currently in Beeghly Library and Instructional Media Center as assistants and the Academic Career and Support Center as tutors. You must be awarded a “work study” job to be eligible for one of these positions.

Campus Employment & Career Development

Working part time can be a valuable opportunity to enhance your career development. Many general skills, organizational ability and the ability to work with other people are important in any professional job situation.

The job search process for an on-campus job is very similar to the search for full-time employment. Student employment can provide a chance to learn and apply effective job search techniques. Work experience can also be an important addition to your resume. For a summary of our Work Study Program and listing of campus jobs, please review our 2016-2017 Federal Work Study Handbook.

Still have questions? Please visit the Work Study FAQs page for answers to all of your work study related questions.