Summer School and Financial Aid for Undergraduate Students

Two summer sessions

  • May 23-June 24
  • June 27-July 29

Summer school offers

  • flexibility for on-line or seated sections
  • time to focus on one or two subjects
  • catch up when needing additional credits towards graduation

Visit OASIS for classes available

Financial Aid for Summer School

Undergraduate students interested in financial aid for summer school must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours or half-time status.  All summer terms are added together to determine enrollment status for financial aid purposes.

Students are charged by the credit hour. For the 2016 summer term the credit hour charge will be $495; hence a three hour class will cost $1485.  The rate applies to the Tiffin campus undergraduate classes only.

Students interested in financial aid are required to complete a Summer Aid Application to communicate to the Financial Aid Office their desire to have financial aid.  A 2016-2017 FAFSA must be filed to be considered for federal and state funding. There is no University scholarship or grant funding available for the summer terms. Financial aid awarding begins the first of May. Federal funds such as Direct Student Loans are disbursed the first week of class and Federal Pell Grants are applied to the student account in early July to follow federal disbursement regulations.

Payment arrangements should be made with the Business Office before the start of the summer term.

Students who will be a full time student in the academic year are encouraged to meet with the Associate Director of Financial Aid to develop a full year financial aid and payment plan.