Purpose beyond profit

Apr 15, 2013

President Huntington, Patricia Adams and Jerilyn MedreaIt was a personal homecoming for Jerilyn Medrea. A 1977 Heidelberg graduate, she was back on campus last week to share her story of how she was able to find a purposeful career in the corporate world.

After she graduated from Heidelberg, her father told her “You now have the world by the tail. Go out and grab it.” Medrea took that advice to heart and has lived her life searching for purpose in the workplace.

Medrea holds a bachelor’s degree from Heidelberg and a master’s degree from Michigan State University. She is also a graduate of Harvard Business School. Her long and successful career has landed her the position of Global Head of Talent Engagement for Liquidnet, a global institutional trading network that represents the values and services of Wall Street.

“You will be remembered for what you stood for,” Medrea said to a record 360 people gathered in Seiberling Gymnasium for the spring installment of The Patricia Adams Lecture Series. “It’s a privilege to be a leader and serve others.”

Serving others has led her to oversee Liquidnet for Good, the company’s corporate social engagement program. In this role, she works with the company to leverage financial, human capital, technology and expertise to create a local and global impact. The organization founded a community village in Rwanda for orphans of the 1994 genocide. The Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village recently graduated its first class.

Through this work with Liquidnet for Good, Medrea encourages employees to engage with the project and company. Developing individuals one of her goals. “Finding a sense of purpose in what you’re doing makes everyone happier,” said Medrea. This was her key message throughout the day.

Leading up to her keynote, Medrea spent the day interacting with students, faculty, and the community. She shared her experience and thoughts on aligning your values with your career and how people need to be viewed as assets, not costs, for a company. She also took part in a networking session with Heidelberg students, met with the Women’s Leadership Initiative and attended a community breakfast. Her passion for her career was clear to everyone.

Students at the dinner“We will continue to bring women of purpose, women of distinction, and women of impact to campus,” said President Rob Huntington. “Contact with someone like Jerilyn can change a student’s life.”

Like other speakers of the Patricia Adams Lecture Series, Jerilyn Medrea left an impression on all who attended the event. The day was made sweeter because she was one of our own: a Heidelberg alum who came back to inspire students. She came back to show them how she succeeded in the business world and is living her purpose. “Know what you stand for and do it 100% of the time.”