Get to know the 2013 Homecoming Court

Oct 10, 2013

Heidelberg University Homecoming courtAs the campus has been gearing up for this weekend’s Homecoming, eight students on the Homecoming Court have been making special preparations. Members of the court were introduced at the annual Homecoming Showcase earlier this week.

Go to BergSync to cast your ballot for this year’s king and queen. Voting closes at 5 p.m. Friday. This year’s king and queen will be announced at halftime of the football game Saturday.

Get to know a little more about the seniors who comprise this year’s Homecoming Court: Darcianne Allen, Sarah Dombrosky, Claire Meneer, Sonia Nazario, Dylan Lohr, Zach Myers, Cole Randolph and Jeremy Stepp.

Darcianne Allen

Hometown: Marysville, Ohio
Major: Vocal music education
Representing: Delta Sigma Chi

Darci is involved in many music ensembles on campus, including the Singing Collegians and the upcoming production of “Young Frankenstein.” She is a Rho’s Bud. She hopes to be teaching elementary general music next year at this time.

Being a student at Heidelberg means … “the chance to worldly and self-discovering experiences, all within one street we know as Greenfield Street. … learning responsibility and teamwork in campus organizations and finding who I am in the process … each student has a chance to grow and develop into adults ready for the world.”

Sarah Dombrosky

Hometown: Painesville, Ohio
Major: Psychology and political science
Representing: Philalethean Society

Sarah serves as president of Berg Allies and vice president of the Philalethean Society. Her career plans include service in the Peace Corps.

Being a student at Heidelberg means … “much more than just going to classes. I have been given the incredible opportunity for growth and self improvement. I would not change my decision for anything. All of my experiences here have made me a better person and have helped me grow as an adult and an individual.”

Claire Meneer

Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Major: Political science/pre-law
Representing: Kappa Psi Omega

Claire is an honors student, plays on the golf team and participates in campus fellowship. She is helping to establish a mentoring/tutoring program called PACE. After graduation, she would like to work for a non-profit and eventually attend law school.

Being a student at Heidelberg means … “Family. Students in your major become your family, your professors become your second parents, you join a Greek group and you instantly gain double digits of brothers and sisters. … You realize all of those incredible and distinct opportunities were because your family helped mold you into this well-rounded, well-versed human being equipped to tackle this crazy world.”

Sonia Nazario

Hometown: Columbus Grove, Ohio
Major: Spanish and international studies
Representing: Philalethean Society

Sonia currently serves as public relations chair for the Cultural and Spiritual Club. Her career plans including teaching English in Spain.

Being a student at Heidelberg means … “more than crew neck sweatshirts, the football games and copious amounts of work. … We are involved in traditions that go beyond our four years at the Berg. … We are welcomed with opportunities to succeed with student and faculty support along the way. Heidelberg is not only a university; it’s home.”

Dylan Lohr

Hometown: Upper Sandusky, Ohio
Major: Political science
Representing: Rho Eta Delta

Dylan is involved in the Greenhouse Club, Alternate Spring Break and works for Conferences and Events. He will be leading an ASB trip to Biloxi, Miss., this spring.

Being a Heidelberg student means … “Being part of a community. Everyone here belongs in some way. … People here treat you with absolute respect and truly care about you. … No matter your grade/age, you can always find that sense of kindness and community here at the Berg. The opportunities I have been given are not comparable to anything else. I can honestly say I love Heidelberg!”

Zach Myers

Hometown: Lexington, Ohio
Major: Political science and business
Representing: Rho Eta Delta

Zach is an honors student and a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and is a Delt guy. He has participated in the Model UN and serves as an AIM Hei peer facilitator.

Being a Heidelberg students means … “Being beautifully busy. It is a journey unlike any other. It is a journey that can be electrifying and terrifying at moments, characterized as a sequence of choices with opportunities to seize. Involved students often end up being swamped with work, activities and friends. While this overload can be stressful, it also is the key aspect of living a life of purpose and distinction … and breaking free of your comfort zone.”

Cole Randolph

Hometown: Marengo, Ohio
Major: Education and English
Representing: Heidelberg Admissions Office

Cole is a student ambassador for the Admissions Office, a Kappa Lil Bro and serves as marketing director for the Morpheus. His career plans include teaching and eventually becoming a principal after earning his graduate degree.

Being a Heidelberg student means: “Family. My parents cry when I leave home and I cry when I leave Heidelberg. These four years have taught me about myself and about humanity. I’m involved in things I never thought I would be. … What I thought were misfortunes have turned into blessings because they led me to the community that has helped me grow up and better myself. I love this family!”

Jeremy Stepp

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Major: Psychology
Representing: Heidelberg Wrestling Team

Jeremy has been an orientation leader for three years and is a Delta Sigma Chi guy. He plans to attend grad school and pursue a career as a clinical counselor.

Being a Heidelberg student … “helps you become good at many different things. … I’ve had the opportunity not only to wrestle, be in plays, try out for the improv group, be a mentor and orientation leader and help a handful of committees search for new hires. Being a student here has prepared me for the world … and that’s why it’s the best decision I think anyone could make.”

Heidelberg Homecoming Court having funIf you haven’t gotten into Homecoming yet, there are still plenty of events scheduled for tonight, Friday and Saturday, for students and alumni alike.

Check out the events for students and the schedule for alumni, and we hope to see you on campus for Homecoming 2013.