Middle Childhood Education

Major Academic Plan: 
Education - Middle Childhood

EDU 207, 227, 230, 350, 375, 400, 414; EIS 285, 379 and two of the following: EDU 360, 373, 380, 390. The goal of this track is to prepare teachers for grades 4 through 9. Students in this track must complete two of the following Areas of Concentration:


* Students who have achieved academic credit for MTH 210 (without 115) are exempt from 115.

Junior Level Discipline-Specific Communication Requirement for Middle Childhood is EDU 350. The Senior Capstone is EDU 427.

Middle Childhood Generalist

The Middle Childhood Generalist is an endorsement available only to those already holding a middle childhood license. It will allow the candidate to teach all subjects in grades 4-5-6 only. It is designed to meet the need in those schools with self-contained classrooms in those grades. The candidate will not be restricted to self-contained situations. Grade level is the only restriction.

The following program has been approved for Heidelberg:

To add English:
Take: ENG 101 and ENG 102
Pass: Praxis Test #0049 (score 156) or #0014 (score 143)
(Mid. Sc. LA) (El. Ed. Content Know.)

To add Math:
Take: MTH 117 and MTH 118
Pass: Praxis Test #0069 (score 143) or #0014 (score 143)
(Mid. Sc. Math) (El. Ed. Content Know.)

To add Social Studies
Take: HIS 107 and POL 127
Pass: Praxis Test #0089 (score 151) or #0014 (score 143)
(Mid. Sc. SS) (El. Ed. Content Know.)

To add Science
Take: BIO 110 and PHY 172
Pass: Praxis Test #0439 (score 144) or #0014 (score 143)
(Mid. Sc. Science) (El. Ed. Content Know.)

Anyone who has already graduated may also add this endorsement to their license through Heidelberg by meeting the requirements listed above. Candidates must add both of the non-concentration areas to be able to teach in a self-contained classroom.