Library Mission and Goals

Beeghly Library and the Instructional Resource Center support the education, research, information, and personal growth needs of the Heidelberg University community. They provide services, resources, access to on-site and off-site information and instruction in the use and evaluation of these resources. The Library and Instructional Resource Center also help support the information needs of the area community.

Beeghly Library Goals

Collection Development- To develop and maintain a collection of multiple media resources to support the curriculum, research, and personal growth needs of the Heidelberg University Community.

Access- To provide access to information resources in all formats, on campus and other locations, through various means and in a timely manner.

Reference and Instruction- To provide reference assistance and instruction in the location, use, and evaluation of information resources.

Technology- To identify, develop, and promote a strong and accessible infrastructure using current technology to enhance the retrieval of information resources.

Financial Support- To seek and allocate financial support to fulfill the library mission.

Off Campus Programs- To provide support and services to off campus programs.

Public Relations- To project and develop a positive image and to promote increased awareness of the library's services, resources, and collections.

Physical Plant- To provide a comfortable facility, suitable for research and study, that is safe, secure, and accessible.

Staff Development- To attract, hire, and retain the best qualified staff and to enable all staff members to achieve and maintain a high degree of excellence.

Quality Control- To develop and maintain a review process to insure the highest quality of programs, services, and collections.