Incredible Edible Books 2007

Judge and winnerApril Fools Day seems like an appropriate date for the slightly silly notion of eating books. Thus April 1, 2007 was the date of the second annual Edible Books Fest sponsored by the Friends of Beeghly Library at Heidelberg College.

Over sixty guests arrived in the Great Hall around 6:00 p.m. to take a look at the twenty-six creative entries, delicious dishes created by the contestant cooks. All the entries were reminiscent of books they had read. Some recreated a title page, others evoked a character, and still others devised amusing puns on titles or stories.

A panel of experts judged the appearance and the tastiness of the entries as well as the creativity of the chefs. The judges were (from left to right) Dennis Shultice, Director of Aramark Campus Dining; Jeff Whisler, Manager of Bob Evans Farm Restaurant in Tiffin; Kiuko Sanders, retired Instructor of Japanese and Gourmet Chef; Dr. Dominic Dottavio, President of the College; and Dr. Lisette Dottavio, Assistant Professor of Accounting. While judges were judging, photographers Bob Overholt and Brittny Gaietto were immortalizing the entries, so that chefs could eat their cake and have it too.

The panel of judges presented Blue Ribbon Awards to five chefs. The award for Most Delicious Edible Book was presented to Sheryl Gannon for her meatballs, inspired by Judy Barrett’s book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.