Heidelberg Archives Annual Report 2010-2011

Abbreviated Summary of Report Submitted in Summer 2011

Collection Maintenance

  1. Received four file cabinets and twenty boxes of materials from Angie Giles, Director of University Media, and Morgan Hawley, Sports Information Director, during their move from a house on Greenfield Street to University Hall, as well as materials from several other offices.
  2. Purchased two metal shelving units, received five metal filing cabinets from storage, sent five large wooden bookshelves to storage, sold two index card files.
  3. Reorganized the photo collection of Jamie Abel.
  4. Moved the negatives of the Kalbfleisch collection to more substantial metal drawers.
  5. Benefited from the help of student volunteer Michelle Fitch.


  1. Organized a display on the history of Laird Hall for the display cases in the recently renovated Adams Hall.
  2. Prepared a display on the 625th anniversary of University of Heidelberg for the cabinets in the well of University Hall.
  3. Visited by members of the Class of 1957, the Class of 1958, and the Class of 1963, the Class of 1964, and the Class of 1965 and supplied materials to each of them and to Jim Minehart for the Class of 1961.
  4. Welcomed Prof. Bush’s class to the archives for an overview of our holdings.

Research Assistance

1. Supplied materials or information to 23 staff members and offices and over 15 students, alumni or genealogists.
2. Assisted scholars with research: Anthony Holland on Roy Ezra Cutler, Carolyn Lewis on Dr. John Kost, Robert Dunkelberger on Paul Hoernemann, Doug Collar on Eisenhower’s visit to Heidelberg College.

Professional Development

Visited the archives at Oberlin College on 27 June 2011 and talked with archivist Ken Grassi who offered many helpful hints. We have since adopted his “hunch file” for dealing with non indexed materials.